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Sometimes you only need the answer to a question or two. If 15 minutes of our time can help you solve a SQL Server problem, we are happy to help. No charge, no strings attached.

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Matters of Principle

SQL Consulting,Inc. is a business built on two simple principles.

  • Always work in our client's best interest.
  • Always stay focused.
Kurt Survance, SQL Consulting President

Kurt Survance

SQL Consulting Inc

The first principle defines our relationship with our customers. Among other things it means that we do not engage in any activitues that might bring our interests in conflict with those of our clients. We sell only our services and our advice. We do not sell software, hardware or anything else. If we recommend a product, service or course of action, our clients can be certain that it is for their benefit, not ours.

The second principle concerns the quality of service we offer as consultants. Our experience and training are focused on one platform in order to give us complete and current knowledge in our chosen field. We don't know everything, but we do know SQL Server.

If your business runs on a SQL Server database, I think you will find that we are the people you're looking for.

Why does SQL Consulting offer a free consultation?

“Your free call helped us look at things in a different way and discover what the problem was. It allowed us to resolve the problem within minutes after the phone call. Thank you.”
  • Johnmichael P. Monteith
  • Chief Information Officer / Vice President
  • Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.
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There are many reasons why we offer a free consultation, but the simple answer is that it's good for business. Sometimes you don't really need to hire a SQL consultant. You just need the answer to a question or two. We have found through long experience that if we give someone a little help now, they will remember us later when they have a bigger SQL Server problem to solve.

It is also a convenient way to allow potential clients to evaluate our expertise without commitment. That's why we don't limit the session to a single person. If you like, you can gather your whole team around a conference phone and let them fire questions at us.

Sometimes we can even solve your problem while you are on the phone. No charge, no obligation. At the very least you will have an opportunity to talk it over with a SQL Server expert and come away with a better understanding of the problem.

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