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Remote or On-Site SQL Server Consulting?

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Sometimes you only need the answer to a question or two. If 15 minutes of our time can help you solve a SQL Server problem, we are happy to help. No charge, no strings attached.

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Our consultants can work effectively on your site or remotely from our own operations center. Whether one method is better than the other depends on the client and the project. There are advantages to both. Here is a comparison of the benefits of each.

Remote Access Consulting

Low cost, high productivity

  • Remote SQL Server consulting gives you easy access to a level of SQL Server expertise that may not be available locally.
  • Remote SQL consulting can be less expensive since there are no travel expenses to consider.
  • Critical issues can be addressed much more quickly when travel is not required.

On-Site Consulting

Security Compliance and Knowledge Exchange

  • On-site consulting is necessary where corporate security policy or regulatory requirements prohibit remote access to the SQL Servers.
  • On-site consulting provides a higher level of communication and knowledge transfer that is sometimes necessary in complex projects.
  • Training and mentoring of your staff is much more effective when done on-site.
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The circumstances of each project determine whether on-site or remote SQL consulting will be the most effective. Sometimes the best way to approach a project is with a combination of both.

Give us a call at 503.914.6442 or email us if you would like to take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss your project.

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