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SQL Consulting Clients Share their Experience

SQL Consulting's clients are diverse. They range from large to small; from well-known companies to recent start-ups that are not so well-known yet. All of them are equally important to us, and all of them get the same conscientious service. Here are some of the things they've said about us:

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“The work that Kurt has done for us in analyzing and advising on optimizations can't be quantified in monetary terms. The performance improvements we have seen are nothing short of remarkable. Kurt is a pleasure to work with and we wouldn't consider working with anyone other then Kurt. I can't recommend him highly enough.”
  • Patrick Eldon
  • CEO
  • OrderTalk
“We haven’t experienced any performance delays since you analyzed our system and our server is running better than ever. You are worth your weight in gold!”
  • Philip Stasko
  • Manager of IT
  • Apex Companies
“There is no substitute for experience! SQL Consulting was able to identify the relatively obscure cause of a critical J2EE to SQL Server performance problem, where extensive research and testing on our part had not even offered a hint in the right direction. Highly recommended!”
  • Ernie Zimmerman
  • Senior Software Developer
  • RP Solutions, Inc.
“Is our SQL Server on Crack? I have never seen the log in and dispatch board come up that fast..!!!”
  • Joseph Bamford
  • General Manager
  • FH Furr, Inc.
“After you put in the indexes, our issues disappeared. Thank you so much for your help. If we need anything else, we will definitely give you a call.”
  • Viet Ao
  • Manager of IT
  • Custom Business Solutions
“Your free call helped us look at things in a different way and discover what the problem was. It allowed us to resolve the problem within minutes after the phone call. Thank you.”
  • Johnmichael P. Monteith
  • Chief Information Officer / Vice President
  • Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.
“The changes that you made to the indexes have had a dramatic improvement on the response time of the queries and thus the system. It is very responsive now.”
  • Sean Bos
  • Director of Software Development
  • Command Center
“We have worked together for about two years now. I want you to know how reassuring it is to know that we can always count on you when something goes wrong. You've done a great job for us.”
  • Manuel Vasquez
  • CIO
  • VipaHealth Solutions
“SQL Consulting assisted us in solving a mysterious mission critical SQL performance issue in record time. Kurt's depth of SQL/2005 knowledge pointed us to the real issue and within two hours of working with him the problem was solved. I can highly recommend Kurt to anyone looking for a Black Belt in SQL internals.”
  • Larry Laing
  • Founder
  • Data Fusion Technologies, Inc.
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